Terms Of Service

First Alert Legal™ Leads AFFILIATE AGREEMENT

We appreciate your decision to become a First Alert Legal™ Affiliate. We look forward to your contribution in helping us achieve our mission to deliver service excellence in Legal Care. This agreement serves to memorialize our mutual understanding of the relationship between You (the "Affiliate") and Busted Prime, LLC dba First Alert Legal, ("FIRST ALERT LEGAL"). We encourage you to review it carefully and continue only if you completely understand it and agree to all of its terms.

As a First Alert Legal™ Affiliate, you will enjoy access to a mobile friendly, lead generation technology that helps you deliver business excellence to your former clients or contacts with whom you have a prior relationship.

Affiliate agrees to perform obligations upon the terms set forth in this agreement. This agreement contains our entire understanding and supersedes any prior oral or written agreements. Our understanding may not be changed orally, but only by a written amendment. If any provision is unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.


Our mission is to provide Service Excellence and to provide service and support that is unparalleled in the legal care profession, and we expect Affiliates to also deliver Service Excellence to their Clients as follows:

First, if Affiliate contacts a lead generated by FIRST ALERT LEGAL, we expect you to provide outstanding, but limited legal advice in the traditional sense-thorough analysis of questions regarding the reason for arrest and bail or release conditions that may come up before or during a first appearance, as time allows identification of key issues, and development of great strategy. Provided, however, that nothing in this agreement shall require Affiliate to create a new attorney-client relationship with the First Alert Legal Leads.

Second, Affiliate shall treat the people identified as LEADS with dignity, and respect at all times. We believe this means doing everything that is legal and ethical and serves the User's best interests, as well as performing the functions described in this agreement to the standards described herein.

Third, Affiliate shall continue to control and/ or direct the manner in which services are to be performed and will maintain independent hours, and identity as a Law Practice. As an Affiliate, you will have limited license to FIRST ALERT LEGAL trademarks as described below, but you agree to Indemnify and Hold FIRST ALERT LEGAL harmless from any action in law or equity raised by your relationship with LEADS or individual clients.

UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED DURING REGISTRATION, AFFILIATE AGREES TO PAY FIRST ALERT LEGAL FOR ACCESS TO the First Alert Legal Software $300/mo for the first county and an additional $100/mo for up to two additional counties OR an additional $200/mo for every Monitored Jail in a Covered State. PAYMENT SHALL BE DUE UPON THE REGISTRATION, and Affiliate authorizes recurring charges to the credit card account submitted during this initial registration. AFFILIATE further agrees to pay the $250, one-time tech support fee described below which maybe waived at the discretion of FIRST ALERT LEGAL. Monitored Jail as used herein shall mean a jail where inmates are held subsequent to an arrest for a crime. Covered State shall mean any State where FIRST ALERT LEGAL has a Monitored Jail.

Affiliate Duties
First Alert Legal™ is a proprietary FIRST ALERT LEGAL technology that is offered to AFFILIATE based on the additional terms outlined in this paragraph. Limited License: Affiliate is authorized to advertise they are a First Alert Legal™ Affiliate. Affiliate agrees to subscribe to CLIO PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE and use it manage contacts, and to give FIRST ALERT LEGAL access to their Clio subscription to install First Alert Legal™ features. Affiliate agrees to pay a tech support fee of up to $250 for installation of the features which fee may be waived at the discretion of FIRST ALERT LEGAL. Affiliate acknowledges that FIRST ALERT LEGAL is authorized by Affiliate to advertise affiliates name on marketing materials including but not limited to the FIRST ALERT LEGAL website. Affiliate agrees to make diligent efforts to contact new First Alert Legal Leads. First Alert Legal Leads ("Leads") shall mean the people identified by text or email from FIRST ALERT LEGAL notifying Affiliate that a prior contact or client appears on the jail roster in the counties subscribed to by Affiliate. FIRST ALERT LEGAL agrees to provide Tech-Support & Customer Service to Affiliate as practicable, but Affiliate shall provide responses to any concerns raised by a Leads as described in the Relationship Responsibilities described above, and according to the terms of this agreement.

Affiliate is responsible for your own expenses related to telephone or data usage or internet fees and other administrative expenses incurred while receiving or managing First Alert Legal leads.

You represent to us that you are duly licensed and in good standing with every State Bar and/or the highest court of every State in which you are admitted to practice law. You further warrant that you have no public disciplinary record, you are insurable for errors and omissions coverage, and you have never been disbarred in any jurisdiction. You further warrant that you have complied and will comply with all laws, regulations, rules of professional conduct, and continuing education requirements applicable to you, and that you are in compliance with all applicable laws regarding business licenses and permits. You represent to us that you are licensed and insured to operate your law practice.

FIRST ALERT LEGAL reserves the right to amend the First Alert Legal™ AFFILIATE AGREEMENT from time to time upon 30 days written notice to AFFILIATE.

You acknowledge that you may gain access to trade secrets, proprietary, and confidential information including, but not limited to business plans, systems, law practice techniques, marketing data, sources, and techniques. This information is the property of FIRST ALERT LEGAL and may not be used in any manner outside the scope of this agreement without the prior express written consent of FIRST ALERT LEGAL. Furthermore, any Code, Intellectual Property, Source Code, Copyrighted Materials, Trademarks, Service marks associated with FIRST ALERT LEGAL products and services remains the exclusive property of FIRST ALERT LEGAL. Provided, however, Affiliate may use certain confidential information for purposes of implementing the software licenses granted herein and in Law Practice marketing materials as a FIRST ALERT LEGAL AFFILIATE. You also acknowledge that you permit FIRST ALERT LEGAL to include your name in marketing materials.

This contract is non-transferable. It is enforceable only by Affiliate and FIRST ALERT LEGAL. If you sell, give away, or attempt to transfer the confidential information, licenses and authorizations granted herein, without prior written notice and express consent of FIRST ALERT LEGAL, this contract becomes immediately void.

AFFILIATE agrees to uphold the following standards:

  • Comply at all times with the Rules of Court and the Rules of Professional Conduct applicable to the jurisdiction and forum of every matter;
  • Carry a cell-phone or wireless e-mail device or remain accessible to clients;
  • Maintain an account with Clio Law Practice Management Software in good standing;
  • Always be respectful to LEADS and their families;


Affiliate may terminate this agreement on 30 days written notice. recurring fees shall be billed for the full month(s) in which the 30 days fall. For example, canceling at the 1st of the month will still result in full fee charges for that month. And canceling at the 5th of the month would still result in a fee for that month and the month thereafter with charges ending the next full month thereafter. We hate to see you go, but if you choose to cancel, we encourage you to submit your request in writing no later than the 20th of the month that comes before the month you wish to end your service. Written notice can be mailed to:

FIRST ALERT LEGAL, 1828 FRANKLIN ST, STE D 2nd Floor, Bellingham, WA 98225. Or EMAILED to cancelation@firstalertlegal.net

Violations of the conditions contained in this agreement may, at the option of FIRST ALERT LEGAL, result in termination of this agreement and the forfeiture of any fees owing to you upon such termination, in addition to recovery of any other damages sustained by FIRST ALERT LEGAL as a proximate result of such violations. Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that, unless otherwise provided in authorized promotional materials, FIRST ALERT LEGAL makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the number or frequency of LEADS that affiliate will receive.